Building More Tomorrows

"Building a Rainbow of Hope for the Blood & Marrow Transplant Patients"  

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Building More Tomorrows is hosting Donor Drives for the National Marrow Donor Program  in the Tucson Community!


ABOUT US: The Building More Tomorrows Campaign was founded in August of 2008, by Leticia Wiscovitch, collegues, family members, and friends.  Although in its early stages,this campaign continues to bloom and is becoming stronger while bringing awareness about the need to assist the Blood and Marrow Tranplantation (BMT) patients in the Tucson community.

OUR MISSION:  Our Campaign is focus and determined to bring a rainbow of hope into the lives of the BMT patients, both pediatric and adult.  We are committed to providing them with educational materials, sponsoring activities, and assisting with needs related to their transplant process. We are also committed to bring awareness and host donor drives in the Tucson community for the National Marrow Donor Program

PURPOSE:  The BMT patient can remain hospitalized for three to four weeks for their transplant and are seen daily in the out-patient clinic upon discharge.  Many of our patients are forced to relocate for three to six months until they fully recover from their transplant procedure.  They also undergo medical restrictions and huge financial stress, which results in difficulty coping.  Supporting these patients and/or their caregivers while undergoing this challenging process is essential so they can freely engage in resuming the normal activities of daily living.